Document Scanning Services

Since the inception of DMI, we’ve successfully completed hundreds of document scanning projects and digital conversions on-site at our customers’ locations and at our facilities in New Jersey and Delaware.

Additionally, we’ve focused our digitizing resources to bring equipment and personnel wherever needed. We’ve worked in most U.S. states, large cities and small, even in Europe.  Onsite conversions insure document security using your own facility and personnel to monitor the workflow.

Document scanning prices will typically be lower at our facility in New Jersey where turnaround would also likely be faster.  We’re experts at all types of Digital Document Imaging.

Paper Documents

document scanningOn average, more than 800 pounds of paper and paperboard are consumed annually per person in the U.S. We strive for a paperless office, but the amount of paper used actually continues to increase every year.

Perhaps you, like so many others, frequently print e-mails, reports and other materials that you’ve received digitally and still file them for retention.

Paper document scanning projects come in many forms:

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Micrographic Digital Imaging

While there are few new microfilm conversion and microfiche conversion requirements today, there are billions of images that have been placed on film over the past 80 years. We began business long before electronic images existed and thus have a large amount of micrographics knowledge that supplements our digital imaging capabilities.

Our focus now is on converting micrographic images to digital formats. The primary types are:

Scanning Photographs

It’s only natural that our background and experience would include photograph digital imaging conversions.

We provide the following digital imaging Services:

  • Slides
  • Transparencies
  • Photographs

Don’t see your specific requirement above? We customize conversions to meet the unique needs of Commercial, Governmental, Non-Profit and Service companies.  Call us to discuss how we customize conversions using our extensive capabilities at 203-536-6889