Document Scanning for Purchasing’s Paper Files

Although much purchasing by large companies has been computerized, many documents remain in paper form, usually consuming considerable filing space, perhaps becoming misfiled and certainly taking longer to retrieve than digital files.  These include:

  • Requisitions
  • Vendor Files
  • Contracts and Amendments
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Analytical Reports

Since much of the information that will be converted is sensitive, we offer document scanning services for purchasing files on-site at our client’s facility.  We also offer, as a lower cost alternative, scanning at our facility in New Jersey.

Capturing Key Information

Each scanned document is identified with appropriate indexing information so that it can be easily retrieved. This might include Vendor Name, Number, Date, Contracting Officer, Document Type, etc. If a Vendor Master Database is available, we extract the information and create barcode divider sheets. If not, we manually enter the data.

Output we’ve converted through scanning is typically in Adobe PDF format, but we can generate digital image files in any format requested.

After document scanning and conversion is complete, we can deliver the electronic images on CDs, DVD’s, External Hard Disk Drives or securely transmit them via FTP or VPN connections.

Backfile and Ongoing Conversion

Accumulated historical files can be scanned and indexed to free up space, allow rapid query and provide for a digital backup copy.

Current work can be done daily onsite or weekly at our facility in New Jersey or Delaware.