PDF Scanning

We not only scan paper and books to PDF format, but also photographic, slides and microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards. We provide exceptional scanning recognition of color and grayscale files for clients.

Sensitive documents can be completely converted at your location. Those that must be done in the U.S., but can leave your site, will be done at our operations centers. No matter where the work is done, extensive quality control and inspection assures you of the same high-degree of accuracy of data and image quality.

Bookmarks and OCR

Bookmarks make PDF documents more friendly and usable for casual viewers. Tabs that replicate paper tabs within a binder are generated alongside the imaged pages. Clicking the digital tab immediately jumps to the desired section.

Today, scanning clients frequently request Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to allow searching the text within PDF files for specific words, numbers or phrases.

We also convert electronic files that have been previously digitized, but not converted to searchable characters.

Our extensive data capture and keying capabilities allow us to correct OCR misreads and index PDF documents efficiently and extremely accurately.

Adobe Catalog

Multiple PDF files can be indexed into a large Adobe Catalog. When searching for data, the PDF files containing relevant information are displayed. One click and the selected file is opened with the scanning searched element highlighted each time found as you scroll through the file.

We’ successfully installed document imaging databases for clients using the Catalog where rapid retrieval of information is needed. but the complexity of installing and maintaining a complex imaging system isn’t necessary.

PDF documents can be transmitted directly to you via a high-speed encrypted FTP connection.  Of course, files can be recorded to CDs, DVD’s, Thumb Drives or External Hard Disk Drives for overnight delivery.