OCR Imaging Services

Full-text searching has become common on the Internet and is therefore frequently requested for document imaging conversion. If the documents contain clear legible printed information, OCR can automatically convert scanned pages into highly accurate digital numbers and characters.

Conversion of Existing Images

You may already have scanned images that are not searchable. We can generate Adobe PDF files with hidden text for search or data extract.

OCR Output

Entire documents or selected portions of a document can be converted into digital form for full-text retrieval. We can deliver output in Microsoft Word Document, into MS Excel file, text files, XML or other formats. The data can be used by itself or imported into your document management systems Of course, we also offer hosting on our secure cloud-based website.

We utilize a number of different OCR scanning and conversion packages and forms processing, each of which has its own strengths for certain types of documents. Our experience over more than 20 years with OCR has taught us that the architecture of certain software engines makes them better for speed of conversion, large documents, color pages, poor quality originals, microfilm scanning, etc.

DMI tailors data recognition to the specific requirements of a project. We carefully analyze client needs and intensively test alternatives before recommending the conversion process. on-site OCR scanning is available for very sensitive or valuable documents.

While a broad range of OCR services are available, the widespread use of Adobe Acrobat containing hidden text which permits searching for words and phrases, is the most popular at present (2013).

We have successfully assisted customers in installation of Adobe Catalog to allow searching an entire collection of PDF files.