Providing digital scanning services for non-profit institutions is common since such institutions are typically required to maintain a massive amount of documentation over long periods of time.

Development Documents

Many Non-Profit organizations are funded through individual donors, trusts and corporations. Typically, the files span years and often generations. Files may contain not only records of past contributions, but information about the donor including articles, news clippings, etc. Planned Giving files can be quite extensive with substantial legal documentation.

We’ve converted very large Development archives and indexed the documents for rapid retrieval to respond to donor inquiries and fund raising. An important consideration is the creation of a duplicate set of files for disaster recovery.

Membership Files

Member files can include Membership Applications, News Items and Press Releases, Financial Records, etc.

Chapter/Branch information includes Date of Membership, Date of Retirement, Special Events, Officers and other historical information.

Human Resource File Digitization

Depending upon the number of current and past employees, there could be many thousands of vital documents that must be kept permanently. More on HR applications.

Archival Document Imaging Services

Scanning of historical materials, Director’s Minutes, Publications, Rare documents and other mementos can be imaged can be uploaded to your website and internal/external distribution. As above, security of vital information is assured. Archival Imaging.

Financial Information Scanning

While not unique to Non-Profits, electronic imaging can improve overall efficiency of the financial function.

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