Our Commitment To Green Sustainability




Data Management Internationale’ is committed to working toward Green Sustainability.  It is in our interest and, we believe, it is good business since our primary business is about supporting the paperless office through digitization.

In addition to our facility in New Jersey, we encourage teams working at client sites to establish their own approach to sustainability.


  • Customer documents are pulped for newsprint after shredding
  • Trash is recycled
  • We purchase recycled paper
  • Two-sided copying

The Paperless Office

  • We don’t print brochures. All marketing information is on our website
  • We don’t subscribe to paper-based newspapers and magazines
  • We don’t use direct mail for marketing
  • Wherever possible, proposals are submitted by e-mail
  • With client approval, deliverables are transmitted via FTP
  • We download software and don’t request physical media

Energy Conservation

  • Heat and Air Conditioning levels are set for energy conservation.  Our facility has no windows in the production area, minimizing transmission of the sun’s heat and cold
  • Energy efficient light bulbs, PCs, scanners, copiers, etc. have been purchased and are turned off when not in use.  Third shift lighting is minimized.
  • All scanners and computers meet Energy Star guidelines.
  • Meetings are conducted through conference calls and WebEx to avoid time and travel
  • The majority of our employees use public transportation to commute and to visit clients.  Car pooling is encouraged
  • Rental cars are from the Green Collections and shared.  Lodging on business trips is close to the location
  • Trucking schedules are optimized for minimum mileage between client sites


  • Comprehensive medical insurance is provided to all employees
  • Employees working at hospitals must pass rigorous physical exams
  • A liberal policy of paid personal time off is provided to employees