Drawing Scanning Services

We offer a wide range of facility drawing scanning and document conversion services. We convert plans to digital format along with supporting project materials such as proposals, consultant reports, bills of material and parts lists. Drawings may include architectural, electrical, mechanical, HVAC, Plumbing, etc. Vital bound materials can be kept intact. Fragile items are repaired, handled with care and, if necessary, scanned in plastic carriers.

Flexible Output

Our scanners capture grayscale and color sheets as well as black & white. Sizes range from “A” to “J”. We can also digitize 16mm and 35mm microfilm and all formats of microfiche.

File naming is customer driven. We can just identify the drawing number and revision or include the date, project name, drawing size, condition, site location, creator, etc.

Your site or ours

DMI has always focused on performing conversions at our client’s own site. We bring in wide-format scanners and perform all of the tasks needed for drawing scanning, including document preparation, digitization, quality control, comprehensive indexing and formatting to your choice of output format, which could include PDF, TIFF, JPEG and many others.

Aperture Cards

Engineering drawings that have been filmed and converted to Aperture Cards are another component of our imaging and scanning services. DMI has been providing Aperture Card conversions for more than 20 years. We automatically read punched Hollerith Code or manually enter identifying information that is written on the cards.

Our ability to deliver client applications in a wide variety of document formats has proven itself successful over 30 years of microfilming and imaging.