Scanning Services for Cards

While the Rolodex® method of maintaining information may have been largely supplanted by databases, billions of card files remain for scanning.

Card-size documents and forms continue to be widely-used to collect survey and other information that will be entered into computer databases. DMI provides the digital imaging and scanning for card-sized files and documents.


Our scanners image the information on both sides of a card simultaneously. If the cards contain barcodes or other types of codes, they can be recognized and linked to the specific card’s image.

Important handwritten information is manually keyed. If letters or numbers are “constrained” within blocks, we employ Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) to recognize them.

Card Scanning Services

Card stock can be any size, but most cards we see are 3″ to 5″ high by 5″ to 7″ wide. Card-sized files can therefore be scanned much faster than letter or legal sized pages and are consequently much lower cost.

High-speed scanners allow us to offer card scanning at very low cost.

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