DMI’s Archivist Services

We offer a wide-array of document scanning services that an archivist will find valuable. These include:

  • Digitizing of typical file cabinet materials
  • Rare document and book scanning
  • Fragile ancient document imaging
  • Microfilm, Microfiche, Slide and Transparency conversions
  • Comprehensive indexing and metadata capture
  • Optical Character Recognition

Since many historical volumes are extremely valuable or cannot be legally removed from their premises, we specialize in on-site document archive scanning of books and bound volumes.  DMI installs a mini-network at our client’s site that is independent from the client’s system. We bring in technicians, scanners, quality control stations, indexing stations and a centralized database to organize the project. Alternatively, we can convert documents at our facility in New Jersey or Delaware. Either alternative provides an archive scan that permits multi-user access in safe electronic images.


Outsourcing to DMI not only results in lower cost, but adds:

  • Professional wokflow management and control
  • Large capacity for one-time projects – faster completion
  • No capital outlay for scanning equipment – we maintain scanners for every type of document and media.